The comic

Off-stage follows young musician Alexander Van Dam on his journey towards discovering his own voice and stepping out of his big brother’s shadow.

Alex is a talented guitar player, but is not a huge fan of the punk rock world his older brother Vince lives in. Despite continued offers to play for Vince’s band Dinosaur Gardens, Alex is more interested in going the singer-songwriter route. But a lack of inspiration and confidence in his own songwriting abilities hold him back from stepping into the limelight himself – no matter how much his friend and confidante Suzanne Grotenhuis, operational director at Paradiso, pushes him to. Will Alex ever find his muse and conquer the music industry? Only time will tell.

And if you are Dutch, keep an eye out for some familiar sights! Off-stage takes place in Amsterdam, specifically in and around concert venue Paradiso.


The author

Tim was born and raised in a creative family, and started drawing comics at a young age. He maintained a webcomic all during high school, and published his first graphic novel in 2009. Some described it as “a stunning example of clean linework and imaginative page layout”.

Meanwhile, Tim graduated from art school in 2011 with a Master’s degree and dove into the world of game development and interactive storytelling. Besides having a fascination for history and human interaction, he also has a weak spot for mysteries and folklore.

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